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Volume II - Issue 01
January 2008


 We are pleased to announce that the inaugural edition in compact disc of the NLNAC Directory of Accredited Nursing Programs 2007-2008 format was recently released and distributed to NLNAC accredited programs. Watch for your copy in the mail.   
NLNAC 2007-2008 Directory
For updates and the
latest listing of NLNAC accredited programs,


The NLNAC Annual Report for 2006-2007 is past due. All programs accredited by NLNAC for the reporting period are required to submit this report. If you have not yet submitted your report, please login online at www.nlnac.org/AnnRep with the access code you were provided in the middle of October 2007.

Should you need any assistance, please contact Alex Mariquit at amariquit@nlnac.org or by phone at 800.669.1656 ext.247.

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Dr. Grace NewsomeNEW YEAR GREETINGS FROM THE CHAIR, DR. GRACE NEWSOME - I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2008! We are very excited about the coming year. NLNAC is positioned to have one of our most successful years ever. We have five new commissioners who joined us in November. They include: Dr. Carol Easley Allen; Ms. Deanna Suggs; Dr. Rhonda Johnston; Mr. David Ormstedt; Ms. Marsha Purcell; and Ms. Dala Dewitt (elected for a second term).

Accomplishments for 2007 include completing the significant revision of the Standards and Criteria. These will be published and available soon. The Committee on Accreditation Standards and Criteria (chaired by Ms. Marilyn Smidt) and the program specific Subcommittees put many hours into this work. More than 2,200 hits were received online for the two drafts made available for public comment. The 2008 Standards and Criteria allow for innovation and flexibility while continuing to require the demonstration of appropriate outcomes for all program types.

NLNAC staff, under the leadership of Dr. Sharon Tanner, have also submitted a petition to the Department of Education for expansion of scope for distance education. While we have always accredited schools with distance education components, this approval provides for additional recognition of our ability to review programs that utilize various distance modalities as their primary source of program delivery.

The Board of Commissioners is pleased to report an increase in the number of programs seeking and achieving initial accreditation in 2007. Also, our Self-Study Forums' attendance in 2007 reached an all time high. In addition, our relationship with NLN is stronger than it has ever been. As we move forward, we invite you to provide suggestions on how we might improve our service to you.
                                                                                               I wish each of you a prosperous 2008!
- The new 2008 Standards and Criteria have been approved by the Board of Commissioners and will be available in the 2008 Accreditation Manual scheduled for release this spring. The Self-Study Forums scheduled this March in Chicago and April in Las Vegas will introduce the 2008 Standards and Criteria as well as address the current Standards and Criteria (2006 Edition Accreditation Manual). Scheduled visits for the Spring 2009 accreditation cycle will have the option to utilize either the current or the new Standards and Criteria. Site visits beginning with the Fall 2009 cycle will utilize the 2008 Standards and Criteria. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to learn about current policies of accreditation review and familiarize yourself and your staff with the new Standards and Criteria. Click here to register online or call Anthony Bugay at 800.669.1656 ext. 261. We look forward to your participation!

- NLNAC is excited to introduce a new column called "About Accreditation" in the NLN bimonthly journal Nursing Education Perspectives. "This opens another channel of communication with our constituents and the public", says Dr. Sharon Tanner, NLNAC Executive Director, "The column will address topics related to accreditation. We welcome your feedback and questions that may be included in future articles". The January/February issue, Vol. 29, No. 1 is scheduled for release February 1st and available to NLN members and subscribers a few days thereafter online at www.nln.org.
NLNAC SEEKS APPLICANTS FOR ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF ACCREDITATION - We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to you, our constituents. To better meet your needs with expanded support in accreditation services, we are seeking an Associate Director to join our professional staff. This individual will handle primary liaison responsibilities between currently accredited programs and those seeking accreditation. NLNAC is seeking applications for this position. If you would like to nominate a colleague who is interested in this position, more information is available online at www.nlnac.org. 
Manager of Information Systems & Web Design
- Mr. Mariquit has been with NLNAC since 2001. His primary responsibilities include maintenance of our database system and website; artwork and layout for marketing and promotional materials; and technical support. Alex's interests include travel, dance, theater, photography, cooking, and painting, of which his works have sold both locally and internationally.
Accounting Specialist - Ms. Pineda maintains our accounting records; reconciles monthly bank statements; balances accounts receivable and accounts payable; and verifies expense vouchers and processes payments. Jocelyn is a devoted wife and a mother to an eight-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl. She enjoys spending time with her family.