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Volume II - Issue 03
July 2008

FALL 2008

Orlando, Florida
October 6-7, 2008

There is still time to register for the upcoming Fall 2008 Self-Study Forum to be held at
Disney Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World® Resort.
Disney Coronado Springs Resort 
Attend the Forum to gain confidence in writing your
Self-Study Report. Get a better understanding of the four steps of the accreditation process, from the self-study, the site visit, the recommendations of the Evaluation Review Panel, to accreditation decisions
of the Commission.
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NLNAC Self-Study Forum  
Register online at www.nlnac.org or contact Anthony Bugay at abugay@nlnac.org or 800.669.1656 ext.261

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MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR - DR. GRACE NEWSOME - As the annual election nears and the year is ending for our Board of Commissioners, I want to bid farewell to the nurse administrators, nursing faculty, and staff of our many accredited nursing programs. The six years that I have served on the NLNAC Commission, with the last two years as Chairperson, have been some of the most exciting and productive of my entire nursing career.  During this period, I have witnessed the transformation of NLNAC from a strong and highly respected accrediting agency to that of an energizing, innovative, premier accreditor.  Under Dr. Sharon Tanner's superb leadership, NLNAC has achieved re-recognition with the US DOE without any stipulations, revised the Standards and Criteria to re-affirm standards reflective of quality; and begun the process of accreditation for clinical doctorate programs.
The staff members of NLNAC have worked tirelessly to move the organization forward on behalf of the Commission, I want to express our tremendous gratitude to the NLNAC staff!  Volunteer site visitors, evaluation review panel members, and Commissioners have all played an integral role in NLNAC's success.  I want to personally thank each of you for your support and hard work in offering peer review of the highest quality.  I will truly miss the work of the Commission and the friendships that I have been so fortunate to develop during this time period. I wish each of you much success!    
PRACTICAL NURSING EVALUATORS NEEDED - As more practical nursing programs seek accreditation, NLNAC's need for experienced practical nursing educators to serve as program evaluators has grown. Accredited programs should consider the rewards of having a program evaluator as part of their faculty. Both qualified nurse administrators and faculty members are encouraged to consider this essential role. Nominations are being accepted now for this year's Forum. The Fall 2008 Program Evaluator Forum will be held in Houston on October 13-14, 2008. To submit your name or nominate a colleague, go to the online nomination form or contact Dominique Dumlao at ddumlao@nlnac.org or 800.669.1656 ext. 419. The Forum will also include the third annual Team Chair orientation. This year twenty experienced team members have been selected to progress into this important leadership role for our site visit teams.
NLNAC ExhibitNLNAC MAY BE COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU - We are continuing to reach out to our constituents sharing the benefits of accreditation and mission of NLNAC. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by our booths and provided your feedback and experiences with our Commissioners and Staff at the NNSDO Conference in Minneapolis, MN (July 10-13). Look for us at the NBNA Conference in Las Vegas, NV (August 3-7), NLN Education Summit in San Antonio, TX (September 15-20), and N-OADN Annual Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC (November 14-16). Be sure to stop by our booth if you will be in any of these upcoming venues and say hello. It is always a pleasure to meet new colleagues and speak with our nurse administrators and faculty.

Grace NewsomeGRACE G. NEWSOME, EdD, APRN, BC, FNP - Terms 2002-2005 / 2005-2008 - Dr. Newsome is a professor and MS Coordinator for Nursing at North Georgia College & State University, Dahlonega, Georgia, where she teaches in the Family Nurse Practitioner program and Nursing Education program. Dr. Newsome has served as the Chair of NLNAC from 2006-2008, Chair of the Audit Committee, a member of the Standards and Criteria and Online Training Committees, and Chair of the Evaluation Review Panel.
Marilyn Smidt MARILYN K. SMIDT, MSN, RN - Terms 2002-2005 / 2005-2008 - Ms. Smidt has held various positions including nursing faculty, course leader and coordinator, assistant dean, and Director of Nursing Programs at Grand Rapids Community College, Michigan. She has served as a program evaluator since 1994. As a Commissioner, Ms. Smidt has served as NLNAC Vice-Chair, Chair of the Standards and Criteria Committee, and Chair of the Evaluation Review Panel. Dianne DobbinsDIANE L. DOBBINS, MPH, RN, BC, PHN - Term 2005-2008 - Ms. Dobbins is the Disaster Programs Manager of Emergency Medical Services at Ventura County Public Health in Oxnard, California. With a career spanning more than 35 years in nursing service, she has spent the majority of her time in the community health field and most recently has focused on education related to influenza. Ms. Dobbins has served NLNAC as Commissioner and a member of the Audit Committee.


Once again in 2006-2007, the data from the NLNAC Annual Report confirmed that:
bullet  The majority of new nurses entering the workforce are graduates of NLNAC-accredited

bullet  The license passing rates for both RN and PN graduates of NLNAC-accredited programs
  surpassed the passing rates of graduates from all programs.
bullet  The graduates of NLNAC-accredited programs outperformed all those taking certification
  examinations with an overall passing rate of 96.3% vs. 84.3%.