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Volume III - Issue 01
January 2009

Opportunity to comment on changes to Policy #3

The Board of Commissioners approved a revision to POLICY #3: Eligibility
for Accreditation

(available online at www.nlnac.org/policy3.htm)
at their recent meeting. Pursuant to Commission Policy #11, proposed policy changes are submitted to accredited programs for review and comment prior to implementation.
Please provide any comments by email to Anthony Bugay, Board Liaison & Manager of Special Projects at abugay@nlnac.org no later than February 12, 2009. The Commissioners will consider these comments prior to implementation of the policy.
Thank you for reviewing this policy change. We appreciate your interest and support to the accreditation process.


NLNAC is seeking nominations for five Commissioners and one member of the NLNAC Nominating Committee.
Information is available online at www.nlnac.org.


Please send a copy of your current resume/CV and a letter or email indicating interest to NLNAC, attention Anthony Bugay, Board Liaison and Manager of Special Projects, email abugay@nlnac.org.

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Elizabeth Mahaffey2009 GREETINGS FROM DR. ELIZABETH MAHAFFEY, CHAIR OF NLNAC - Happy New Year! With the promise of new opportunities, fresh ideas, and renewed commitment to a firm mission, the NLNAC Board of Commissioners welcomes you to 2009. We are excited about the New Year, the accomplishments of our organization in 2008, and the opportunities that are before us. Have you ever heard of a “determination”? At the beginning of this spring 2009 semester, I challenged my faculty and staff to make “determinations” instead of resolutions. One definition of determination is “the result or act of making a firm decision,” so determinations are simply the actions we take because of a goal, commitment, or challenge. Determinations are putting feet to the opportunities, ideas, and commitments that are placed before us. It is exciting to be a part of an organization that takes the actions necessary to meet its goals, commitments, and challenges.
At our recent annual meeting, the Commissioners were pleased to hear outstanding reports from our executive director and financial officer. Our organization is experiencing growth in the number of accredited programs. The candidacy initiative is providing services to all program types as the programs seek accreditation. The Self-Study Forums continue to receive rave reviews for both the presentation of information and the influence in preparing for initial accreditation or re-accreditation.
Atlanta OfficeThe Board of Commissioners also examined the challenges for our organization in the future, and the opportunities those challenges bring. I am extremely pleased to announce one of our most exciting opportunities – the relocation of the home office for NLNAC. In preparing for the relocation, the NLNAC Board engaged in a systematic and thorough review over the past year of several cities throughout the United States. Atlanta, Georgia was selected based on two primary factors: 1) availability of affordable quality office space to reduce operating expenses; 2) accessibility to the country's busiest international airport. We have recently signed the lease for a gorgeous space in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. This move promises to bring a professional space which will allow for enhancement and expansion of the services to our constituents. Under the leadership of Dr. Tanner and the NLNAC staff, a detailed relocation plan has been developed to provide a seamless transition to the new space without interruption of service to our constituents. In fact, the enhancement and expansion of services is a part of the transition plan.
We are working closely with the National League for Nursing to make our public announcement of the NLNAC relocation. With the opportunities technology brings, the two governing boards are committed to continue the collaborative work of the two organizations. We are especially excited about the international opportunities of the joint NLN/NLNAC Global Task Force - International Nursing Education Services and Accreditation (INESA). NLNAC will also be joining NLN in representing our organizations at the International Council of Nursing in South Africa this summer.
This is an exciting time for the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. We are looking forward to a great year and wish you a happy and prosperous year.

Attendance of the NLNAC Self-Study Forums in the past few years has more than doubled. New OrleansAdministrators have come to appreciate the value of this resource in the writing of their Self-Study Report and the preparation for the site visit. Nursing programs, as well as national and international nursing organizations, are sending more and more of their faculty and staff to gain a better understanding of the full life-cycle of the accreditation process. Attendees leave with more confidence and knowledge in their involvement with the task at hand. In addition, the Forums are an excellent opportunity to learn about the 2008 Standards and Criteria for both faculty and nurse administrators. Forums are scheduled for March in Dallas and April in New Orleans. Space is still available. For more information or to register, go to the NLNAC website www.nlnac.org and click on the links for the Self-Study Forums or contact Anthony Bugay at abugay@nlnac.org or 212.812.0372. We look forward to your participation.
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