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Volume IV - Issue 02
April 2010



NLNAC Position on International Accreditation

The Board of Commissioners approved an NLNAC position statement on accreditation of international nursing education programs. The position statement is available for review on the NLNAC website at www.nlnac.org.
The Board also authorized the staff to survey accredited programs to determine what global outreach activities are already being conducted by our programs. This survey was disseminated to accredited programs earlier this week. If you did not receive a copy of the global outreach survey and would like to participate, please contact the NLNAC office or go to www.nlnac.org/inesa.

NLNAC 2010 Directory

NLNAC 2010 Directory of Accredited Programs
The latest publication of the NLNAC Directory in CD format has just shipped to all NLNAC-accredited nursing programs. The CD is also available for purchase online at www.nlnac.org/publication.htm.

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Elizabeth H. Mahaffey, PhD, RN
- The coming of spring was even more appreciated this year than usual as many of us have been impacted by the severe winter weather over the past few months. But spring is also a very busy time for us. Already there have been several activities of note. One of the highlights of the Board of Commissioners meeting held in February was granting initial accreditation to our first clinical doctorate program. NLNAC’s CEO Dr. Sharon Tanner and the NLNAC professional staff welcomed almost 100 new program evaluators and/or team chairs to the ranks of NLNAC’s volunteers at February’s PE Forum. Also, two very successful Self-Study Forums have been held this spring, and both received excellent feedback from the participants. I am also pleased to report that NLNAC is on track to have more visits in 2010 than has occurred in some time. I encourage you to become involved in NLNAC’s activities. Make plans now to attend the Fall Self-Study Forum to be held in Orlando in September or one of the Self-Study Forums that will take place next spring. Consider serving as an NLNAC volunteer program evaluator or even becoming a member of the NLNAC professional staff. Information about the Forums, becoming a program evaluator, and NLNAC employment opportunities can all be found on the NLNAC website. Have a wonderful spring!

SPECIAL SESSIONS AT THE 2010 SELF-STUDY FORUMS - In our ongoing efforts to respond to your needs, in 2010, NLNAC introduced a new feature to the Self-Study Forum: special sessions held on Day One of the Forum that focus on a particular aspect of the Self-Study process. The first of these sessions was presented at the April Self-Study Forum in Atlanta. Participants from programs seeking initial accreditation asked for additional information related to Candidacy, and the many first-time attendees requested a special session designed to provide them an introductory overview of the process. In response, NLNAC introduced a complimentary special session for novice accreditees; any new faculty member or nurse administrator along with those representing programs beginning the accreditation process were invited to attend.This fall we are introducing a complimentary special session on Day One that focuses on Standard 6 Outcomes. In the session, we will discuss strategies for meeting the requirements of assessment and evaluation of program components. Make plans now to attend...the Fall Forum has limited seating, so don't be disappointed as the sessions tend to fill quickly. We hope to see you there!


at The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
September 21-22, 2010

Introducing a special session with a focus on Standard 6 Outcomes, reserve your seats early to take advantage of this opportunity on the morning of Tuesday, September 21, 2010. Space is limited and pre-registration is required when registering online for the Forum. To learn more about the upcoming Self-Study Forum or to register, visit us at www.nlnac.org. For assistance, please contact Brad Davis at bdavis@nlnac.org or 404.975.5011. We look forward to your participation!

Please join us in extending best wishes to Dr. Carol Gilbert who has announced her retirement effective June 10th. Dr. Gilbert has served nursing programs as a professional staff member for more than 12 years. Many of you have worked closely with her in the scheduling of site visits or through the annual report process. She will be missed by everyone, but we are excited for her as she returns to New York.
Nikki CarverNikki Carver, Operations Assistant - Nikki is a recent addition to the NLNAC staff. Her primary responsibilities include assisting all professional and administrative staff members and helping with day-to-day office operations and communications. Nikki is a Norman, Oklahoma, native and has lived in Atlanta for two years. She graduated from Arizona State University in Tempe, with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree with concentrations in Health & Wellness and Communication. Nikki enjoys traveling, shopping, watching sports, being outdoors, her friends/family, and her black lab Boomer.
Marion Copas 
Marion Copas, Data and Records Assistant
- Marion is the newest member of the NLNAC staff. Marion’s primary areas of responsibility are data entry and maintenance of physical and electronic records and files. Marion is a native of Knoxville, TN, and has lived in Atlanta for 5 years. She graduated from Carson-Newman College with a degree in education. Currently, Marion lives in the Alpharetta area and enjoys reading, writing, movies, plays, musicals, and art museums.
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