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Volume IV - Issue 03
July 2010



Do you have the correct listing for NLNAC?

NLNAC recently reached its one year anniversary of the move to Atlanta. Staff are continuing to find the New York address for NLNAC on some of our programs’ websites. As you know, programs are required to correctly list the NLNAC name and contact information on any documents (paper and electronic) intended to inform the public. Please take a minute to check your website to make sure that NLNAC’s address is Atlanta and that your program's accreditation status is correctly listed.

National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 500
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
P. 404.975.5000
F. 404.975.5020

NLNAC Policy Revisions

In accordance with the new requirements from the U.S. Department of Education, NLNAC implemented a new policy,
Policy #25 Transfer of Credit, as of June 1, 2010. The new policy applies to those programs for which NLNAC serves as the Title IV Gatekeeper. The new policy has been incorporated into the online Accreditation Manual.

Please also watch for a call for public comment at www.nlnac.org related to two additional policies which are undergoing revisions:
Policy #1 Conflict of Interest
and Policy #10 Appeal Process.
NLNAC constituents will have the opportunity to review and comment on the revisions to these policies. If you have any questions about the revisions to Policy #1 or Policy #10 or any of NLNAC’s policies, please contact NLNAC’s CEO, Dr. Sharon Tanner

The trademarks NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR NURSING ACCREDITING COMMISSION and NLNAC are owned by the National League for Nursing, Inc., and are being used pursuant to license.

The NLNAC has fielded many inquiries about NLNAC accreditation from nursing programs located outside the United States. These inquiries indicate that there is interest in accreditation for international nursing programs. The NLNAC has actively participated in sharing accreditation information with several countries as they have developed standards, but accreditation of individual programs has been limited. In early August, NLNAC is releasing a call for applications for non-U.S. nursing programs interested in seeking NLNAC accreditation. This step follows more than a year of research and development conducted by the international accreditation task force and NLNAC staff. The Board anticipates the first non-U.S. programs will begin the process by early 2011. The process that has been designed for use with non-U.S. programs will be substantially similar to that for U.S. programs; however, there will be additional eligibility requirements and specific assessment and review processes completed prior to the site visit. These additional measures will help NLNAC determine whether the program is a suitable candidate for accreditation. Programs pursuing international accreditation will also be subject to a separate fee structure. The application as well as information about the eligibility, processes, and fees that will apply to non-U.S. programs will be posted on the NLNAC website by August 10. NLNAC is excited by the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in working with our international colleagues. We invite our currently accredited programs to share thoughts and questions related to international accreditation activities with us.

CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM EVALUATORS - The NLNAC has initiated the process of accreditation for programs located outside the United States and its territories and is seeking candidates to conduct consultative and accreditation site visits for international programs beginning in 2011. For eligibility requirements for international site visits, please go to www.nlnac.org/international. All program evaluators selected to be international site visitors will receive additional training and education at the Program Evaluator Forum to be scheduled in February 2011.


It has been quite some time since the NLNAC has placed a call for new site visitors for all program types. Participation in the accreditation process as a site visitor provides an excellent opportunity for professional development. If you or a colleague are interested in making a difference in nursing education and nursing practice, visit us online at www.nlnac.org/ProgramEvaluators/pe_Intro.htm to learn more about the eligibility requirements in becoming an NLNAC site visitor. Individuals who are selected will attend the Program Evaluator Forum in Atlanta, Georgia on February 11-12, 2011

NLNAC ELECTIONS INFORMATION: Have a Voice in the Accreditation Process - The NLN/NLNAC elections opened on June 30 and will remain open until September 13 on the NLN website. Please be sure to review the candidates for the NLNAC Board of Commissioners and Nominating Committee and cast your votes. The NLNAC elections are for three nursing education representatives, one nursing service representative, and one public representative on the Board as well as one member of the NLNAC Nominating Committee. It is essential that all NLNAC programs participate in the election to select the members of the Board of Commissioners, which is the decision-making body for the NLNAC.
SSF ANNOUNCING THREE SELF-STUDY FORUMS IN SPRING 2011 - With the Fall 2010 Self-Study Forum filled within weeks of open registrations, the NLNAC will be offering three Forums in the Spring of 2011; two in Atlanta, GA (March 28-29 and March 31-April 1) and one in Anaheim, CA (April 27-28). The special session that has been added to the Forum has been well attended. The special session at the first Atlanta Forum and at the Anaheim location will focus on Standard 6 Outcomes, while the second Forum in Atlanta will have a session for new programs, faculty, and nurse administrators. Registrations are now open for these upcoming workshops. For more information or to register, visit us at online at www.nlnac.org.
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