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Volume V- Issue 01
January 2011



NLNAC Annual Report
Now Overdue

Completion and submission of your NLNAC Annual Report are required to maintain your accreditation status. Annual monitoring of your accredited program is required by the U.S. Department of Education. If you have received a notice from the NLNAC office, we have not received your Report. You may fax a copy to 404.975.5020 or submit online at http://www.nlnac.org/AnnRep.
If you need assistance, please contact Alex Mariquit at amariquit@nlnac.org or 404.975.5000.


About the NLNAC
Accreditation Manual

As the paper version of the NLNAC Accreditation Manual was last printed in February 2008, any paper copies are now out-of-date and should not be used. Instead, the online version of the Manual should be used for current information about accreditation policies and practices. The Accreditation Standards and Criteria have not been changed or modified since they were published in February 2008. However, new U.S. Department of Education Regulations were introduced in July 2010, and modifications in accreditors' policies were necessary.

The NLNAC Accreditation Manual is available for download/access at

The professional staff, including our CEO, Dr. Sharon Tanner, welcome the opportunity to attend and/or speak at your state and regional meetings of program administrators and/or faculty. Please let us know if we can assist you by participating in these meetings.

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Sharon J. Tanner, EdD, RN
Happy New Year! 2011 promises to be a very busy year for NLNAC and all involved in nursing education. NLNAC will review 120 programs in Spring 2011; among the programs for review this cycle are 35 programs seeking initial accreditation. This year will also mark the first of the visits to international nursing programs as part of the International Candidacy process. Two onsite consultation visits to international nursing programs will be made in late spring or early summer. Additional applications from international nursing programs seeking to engage in the NLNAC Candidacy process are being accepted. The Board and staff are very excited about NLNAC’s continued growth and expansion and have begun implementing strategic initiatives to further the mission and purpose of the organization and achieve the goals approved by the Board last November. In 2011, NLNAC will seek continuing recognition by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). NLNAC values its recognition by both agencies and looks forward to engaging in the process of demonstrating its continuing adherence to the Federal Regulations and its commitment to quality, accountability, and improvement in higher education. NLNAC recently implemented an online orientation for clinician site visitors. This new delivery method will facilitate the process of orienting site visitors to the role of program evaluator and help the NLNAC meet the requirement of having a clinician site visitor on every site visit. The NLNAC will also be welcoming over 50 new program evaluators to the Program Evaluator Forum to be held in Atlanta on February 11-12, 2011. We welcome your nominations for educator and clinician site visitors. As always at this time of year, I extend my appreciation to our site visitors who will be traveling throughout the world on behalf of the NLNAC. To our programs undergoing reviews, thank you for your support of the accreditation process. Best wishes for a warm spring to all!

The NLNAC initiated the process of updating the organization’s strategic plan in 2010. The Strategic Planning Task Force and key members of the NLNAC staff participated in a planning session led by a facilitator in August 2010. The participants identified the following goals for 2010-2015:
Strengthen the NLNAC support of nursing education programs through education, staff, and technology.
Develop a marketing strategy that capitalizes on program opportunities while maintaining balance among all program types.
Establish the NLNAC globally and develop the appropriate capabilities for operating internationally.
Articulate the value of NLNAC accreditation and communicate this to schools, students, and the public.
Optimize relationships with relevant organizations and agencies.
These goals have been approved by the Board of Commissioners. The NLNAC staff have since identified strategies and objectives further defining how the goals will be met as well as accountability and timeframes for completion. We welcome your feedback about the NLNAC’s goals.
NLNAC 2011 Self-Study ForumsATLANTA SELF-STUDY FORUMS ARE NOW CLOSED TO NEW REGISTRATIONS; LIMITED SPACE STILL AVAILABLE AT ANAHEIM, CA LOCATION - Attendance at the NLNAC Self-Study Forums continues to reach record numbers. This spring, we scheduled three Forums to accommodate the increase in anticipated registrations. The two Atlanta sessions have reached capacity. If you are planning to attend a Self-Study Forum this year, space is still available at the Anaheim, CA location, which offers a special session focusing on Standard 6 Outcomes. We advise you to register quickly to ensure your space for this valuable resource in the accreditation process. To register, visit us online at www.nlnac.org. If you need assistance, contact Alex Mariquit at amariquit@nlnac.org.
Caroline Ervin
Caroline Ervin joined the NLNAC staff in January as Administrative Assistant for Accreditation Services. A native Georgian, Caroline graduated from the University of Georgia in 2006 with a degree in journalism and a minor in history. She is thrilled to be back in Atlanta after nearly four years working as an editor for the newspaper in Augusta and looks forward to getting settled into her new apartment. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys playing the piano, researching genealogy, singing karaoke, and reading.
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